About Me

I live in Denver, Colorado I am often in my studio working, If I am not in my studio working, I am at my day job earning money to pay my bills so I can work in my studio more. I have had various occupations throughout my life, but have always made art, music and always will. I am not much for the fancy things in life, I like to get things simple and to the point. As I am aging I am beginning to have a bit more understanding of the ideas of plain speech, refraining from idle chatter and the importance of simple living. If I had to give you a narrative about who I am its this, I come from a poor working class family, I worked with the circus for a bit, I have travelled a bit, I have educated myself, I have had wonderful teachers, and I want to share with everyone the potential that art and our creativity has to transform lives, communities and the world. That narrative aside I simply enjoy making art and spending time alone in my studio challenging myself to see if I can do more everyday.


Statement about my work ( artists are supposed to write these)

I find my inspiration from my environment (internet, my garden, daily walks, and fitness regime). Most of my work comes from my trying to relate to our world which is deeply violent, racist and class driven. I want my work to communicate this part of our nature, to express that what we create as humans is not separate from nature. It’s because of this that I treat the found objects in my work as from nature. I will go to yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, garbage cans, alley ways to find wrapping paper, old magazines, torn billboards, old paint, and use as if they are artifacts from the forest or a national park. I hope to peel the onion back to rediscover a deeper connection with the human animal, an issue that I know resonates with many in today’s computerized, seeing ourselves as detached from nature world. Patterned paper, textiles and repeating imagery play a role in my work, I like to see colors and patterns that traditionally should not go together, I also don’t care about cleanliness, so you will see my finger prints and smears from my hands and dust and occasional hair from myself or my cats or dogs in the paint and glue on my work. I am obsessed with working, I love work, I love to work and I love being in my studio working. I strive to not judge my own work, good or bad, ugly or pretty, ready for exhibition, not ready for exhibition. I instead attempt try to remain objective and continue learning while developing a vocabulary through consistent practice. Much of the work I share online is part of that process of developing a visual vocabulary.

I look at a variety of different artists and try not to become too fixated on a particular style, instead I find artists who have developed a particular way of expressing something with a language I want to incorporate into my own visual vocabulary.

Here are some of the artists I am drawn to.

Phil Solomon

Lola Dupree

Zach Searcy

Veronica Rainbow Reeves

Roberta Rostaino

Camilo Restrepo

Jonathan Meese

There are many, many, many more artists who are influencing my work, this is just a short little list of those off the top of my head right now.


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I saw an article on you in th daily Item and was drawn by the photograph of that covered bridge. I love the premise and the technique seems unique as well. I am from Lewisburg and go to school for Photography at Penn College of Technology in Williamsport. It is always interesting to find talented people in the area with the same love for the medium. I would love to discuss more about what kind of format you are using to shoot as well as other technical aspects of your work. If nothing else, please keep me posted on any shows you are doing in the area.

    Peace be with You,

    John D. Nicholson

  2. Peter, you AND your work are – excuse me children and ladies – fucking awsome. Sorry I can’t be more creative with words than that, but it is succinctly descriptive.

    So glad we met up. Oh, by the way, still…..”I don’t WANNA go home!”.
    Love K

  3. Thank you again for your great work in the ninth eighth of Drunken Boat. Your work is superlative, and I’d like for you to be the first to hear about our upcoming folio of sound art slated for our 11th issue, to be released in January. If you have any work that you think would be a fit for this folio, or have any questions, please email me at sarah@drunkenboat.com .


    Sarah Clark
    assistant editor
    Drunken Boat

  4. do you have a glockenspiel? you are amazingly talented, like uberly genius! if you ever are homeless again, come stay with us. ma

  5. hi peter, i loved chatting the other night in the cold, even though i missed some of the beautiful film. I was wondering if you do yoga. i teach a small class out of my house by e-vite only. I would also love to explore your film collection, (no chatting). it would be wonderful to connect again.

  6. Hi Peter,
    I enjoyed seeing your work and meeting you at the Palm Springs Desert Museum. Please let me know the next time you are in the Los Angeles area.

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